SMR Designer NuScale Hires Fluor Exec as CEO

Fluor executive John L. Hopkins will replace NuScale Power co-founder Paul Lorenzini as CEO of the Oregon-based company marketing a small modular reactor.

John HopkinsTexas-based Fluor rescued NuScale with a $30 million investment last year after fraud charges unrelated to the company were levied against a key investor. Fluor holds 55 percent of NuScale. The company had formed in 2007 to commercialize a 40 megawatt SMR based on technology developed at Oregon State University and the Idaho National Laboratory. While the design did not win a recent DOE competition for $200 million to develop SMRs, the company still plans to seek Nuclear Regulatory Commission design certification and future grant opportunities.

Hopkins will join the company after nearly three decades with Fluor. He was formerly the leader of the company's government group and most recently held the title of group executive for corporate development and new ventures. According to a Fluor release, Lorenzini will stay on as a consultant.

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