Czech Government Issues Positive Environmental Review for New Temelin Reactors (Updated in Comments)

The Czech government recently finalized an environmental review that will allow the construction of two new reactors at the country's Temelin nuclear plant.

On Friday, the Environment Ministry issued a positive environmental impact assessment for the third and fourth unit at the plant, the Czech News Agency reported. The review was described as the largest process of its kind in the Czech Republic and addressed more than 60,000 public comments.

Czech utility CEZ is currently evaluating bids for the project, estimated to cost $10.4 billion to $15.6 billion and with a target completion date of 2025. Bidders include Westinghouse and a consortium composed of Atomstroyexport, Skoda JS and Gidropress. CEZ rejected a bid by Areva late last year, but it has filed an appeal with Czech regulators.

Czech media also reported that the Environment Ministry defended the environmental assessment over the weekend following criticism by Austrian politicians who vowed to stop the project.

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  • UPDATE Jan. 17: Bloomberg has reported that Czech anti-trust regulators have rejected Areva's appeal of a decision excluding its Temelin bid. The company is considering "further steps," but the selection process will be able to continue once the regulator's decision is published.


    Nuclear Street News Team