President of B&W Nuclear Energy to Retire

Babcock & Wilcox announced Tuesday that Michael D. Lees, the head of its nuclear energy business unit, will retire in March. Taking his place will be Westinghouse Americas Region President Joseph A. Zwetolitz.

Michael D. Lees, Source: B&WLees will retire after 29 years at B&W, where he started as a stress analyst in the nuclear equipment department, according to his company biography. He worked his way up through engineering and project management positions before overseeing the company's nuclear equipment business in Canada from 1997 to 2002. He was then appointed as director of business development and marketing at B&W Canada, where he then held the president position concurrent with his title as president of B&W Nuclear Energy. Both business units offer components and services for civilian nuclear plants.

Zwetolitz comes to B&W with 27 years in the industry, according to a B&W release, including a decade with Areva. He will start his new job in mid-February, and Lees will stay on through the leadership transition.

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