NRC Licenses New Transnuclear Waste Cask With Highest Capacity of Its Kind

Transnuclear has won a key regulatory approval for its new waste cask that will allow larger shipments and can accommodate fuel from Areva's EPR plant design.

Transnuclear Long Cask. Source: ArevaThe TN Long Cask received a certificate of compliance from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Transnuclear announced this week. Operational in vertical and horizontal configurations, the containers can accommodate used research reactor fuel, experimental nuclear plant fuel, irradiated equipment and spent fuel bundles from commercial reactors, including the 14-foot-long assemblies of the EPR.

 “Transnuclear’s forward-looking Long Cask offers the highest capacity NRC-licensed cask for the transport of used fuel compared to what is on the market today," Transnuclear CEO Michael McMahon said in a release.

Transnuclear, an Areva subsidiary based in Columbia, Md., began the NRC licensing process for the new cask in 2011 and continues to work with the Department of Transportation.

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