New Hinkley Point Reactors Receive Final UK Government Approval

The UK's energy secretary has granted planning permission for two new reactors at the Hinkley Point nuclear plant. While critical power price negotiations are ongoing, the approval represents the last go-ahead from the government required for EDF to build the units.

Illustration of Hinkley Point C. Source: EDFWith support from the governing coalition and from the opposition Labour party in Parliament, Ed Davey announced that he will allow Hinkley Point C to move forward, the Independent newspaper reported Tuesday. EDF will commit to the new reactors only if negotiations are successful on the power price within long-term energy contracts guaranteed by the government under a plan to encourage construction of carbon-free power generation. Various news sources in the UK have reported those negotiations could be complete as early as this week.

EDF sought permission to build two Areva EPRs generating 3,260 megawatts at the site in Somerset, according to the World Nuclear Association.

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