Westinghouse Preliminary Favorite for New Czech Nuclear Plant Construction

Westinghouse has emerged as the early favorite to build two new reactors in the Czech Republic, although Rosatom remains in the running as Czech utility CEZ continues to study their bids.

On Monday, Westinghouse announced that a preliminary ranking placed its proposal to build two AP1000 reactors at the Temelin nuclear plant ahead of a proposal by a Rosatom-led consortium. Areva also bid on the project but was disqualified by CEZ earlier in the process.

"I firmly believe that the AP1000 will remain the top technology choice at the end of the bid process,” Westinghouse CEO Danny Roderick said in a release.

Westinghouse helped complete Temelin's two existing Russian-designed VVER units at the site in the 1990s. It has reached an agreement with Czech construction company Metrostav to help build the new units, and both Westinghouse and Rosatom have worked to line up domestic suppliers and curry local support for their bids. CEZ plans to make its selection in September, with a construction contract signed by the end of this year.

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