Three Injured in Callaway Nuclear Plant Switchyard Accident

An electrical accident in the switchyard of a Missouri nuclear plant sent three workers to the hospital Tuesday.

According to an event report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an arc flash occurred at about 5 p.m. while a crew placed ground straps on a safeguards transformer under maintenance at Ameren's Callaway plant.

"Four workers were injured or affected by the flash. The extent of the electrical-related injuries has not been determined. However, based on reports from the scene, all of the workers were conscious and walked away from the scene. One person was transported by helicopter and two by ambulance to a local hospital. The fourth person experienced only a minor injury," the report read.

The Tribune in nearby Columbia, Mo., quoted a local emergency manager as saying two workers had burns to the face. Ameren has said the incident is under investigation but did not affect reactor operations.

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