Report: Turkey Will Build World's First MHI/Areva Atmea Reactors at Sinop

A Japanese newspaper has reported that Turkey and the Areva-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries consortium Atmea plan to build four reactors at the country's Sinop plant.

Atmea 1 reactor illustration. Source: AtmeaIf it goes through, the deal would begin negotiations to construct the first-ever Atmea-1 pressurized water reactors at the second nuclear plant to be built in Turkey. The Yomiuri Shimbun wrote Wednesday that an agreement will be announced as early as next week during a visit to Turkey by Japan's prime minister, although the companies and government officials did not confirm the report.  

The Atmea 1 is a pressurized light water reactor that can generate 1,100 to 1,150 megawatts. It draws from MHI's and Areva's existing reactors and arose from a joint venture announced in 2007.

Preparations began for the plant at Sinop on the Black Sea in 2008, anticipating a four-unit facility costing about $22 billion, according to the World Nuclear Association. A tentative deal in 2010 with Korea Electric Power Co. fell through over the nature of electricity sales guarantees. Japanese companies then offered to prepare a bid, which involved Toshiba and Tokyo Electric Power Co. That proposal died following the accidents at the latter company's Fukushima plant in Japan, with the Turkish government continuing discussions with Atmea and a consortium from China. If a deal goes through, the schedule calls for construction to begin in 2017 with operation in 2023.

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