Trespassing Y-12 Protestors Await Sentencing

Three anti-nuclear-weapons protesters who defaced the side of the Y-12 highly enriched uranium facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn., remained in jail Thursday following their conviction the previous day.

Megan Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed were convicted on felony counts, but a U.S. district judge remained undecided as to whether they would be released until their sentencing Sept. 23. Lawyers for the defendants argued that their crime was not violent and did not require them to remain in jail before sentencing.

The judge is also considering a motion to dismiss a charge asserting the protestors intended to disrupt the national defense, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. Y-12 closed for 15 days after the incident, which prosecutors argued amounted to successful interference.

The protestors cut through fences and made their way unobstructed to the side of a Y-12 building, pouring human blood on it and painting an anti-weapons message. The incident caused significant embarrassment for the Department of Energy and its National Nuclear Security Administration that runs the site, and it resulted in the termination of the site's private security contract.

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  • Anonymous

    They forgot to mention that these were three professional activist who have done similar sabotage at other facilities as far back as the 70's.