Chinese Companies Pitch Their Reactor Designs for Tentative South African Nuclear Project

China's nuclear industry is wasting no time in wooing South Africa as it considers building several new reactors to meet its expanding energy needs.

The country's government will make a decision on whether to move forward with a 9,600 megawatt project this year, Public Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba recently told Ventures Africa. If approved, the project would be broken into three stages, each building 3,200 megawatts of capacity. The country currently generates about five percent of its power from two reactors at Eskom's Koeberg plant. Rumors of a potential bid solicitation to build new plants have circulated for more than a year.

At a conference Tuesday, three Chinese companies publicized their interest in the project. They included China National Nuclear Corp., according to a report in Engineering News, an Africa-focused magazine. At the Energex Africa exhibition near Johannesburg, the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. also made the case for its Westinghouse AP1000-based CAP1400 reactor, while China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. pitched its ACPR1000 design based on French technology.

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