Harris Nuclear Plant To Restart Following RPV Nozzle Repair

The Shearon Harris nuclear plant in North Carolina is preparing to restart following repairs related to a reactor pressure vessel head flaw.

Analysis of earlier ultrasonic testing revealed a quarter-inch-long weakness in a nozzle. It did not penetrate the RPV or cause a leak. Nonetheless, the Duke Energy plant shut down May 15 for repairs.

That work is complete, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission release. While Duke has not publicized a restart date, the NRC indicated it will be back online soon. NRC data showed it had not begun to power up as of Wednesday afternoon.

Because the flaw went undetected for more than a year, the condition remains under investigation by the NRC. It previously dispatched two additional people to help conduct a special inspection, the results of which will be available next month.

In the meantime, NRC Region II Administrator Victor McCree said in a release, “We have verified that the condition has been corrected and the plant can be operated safely.”

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