NRC Proposes $70K Fine For Watts Bar Parts Documentation

The Tennessee Valley Authority faces a $70,000 civil fine from federal regulators after an earlier inspection showed widespread problems with parts documentation at Watts Bar 2.

TVA is in the process of finishing the reactor northeast of Chattanooga that had been mothballed nearly complete in 1985. In an inspection report published in March, the NRC identified three apparent violations related to the way TVA catalogued, tested and inspected as many as 6,200 components for that project. In a release Wednesday, the NRC said it will move forward with penalties for those violations.

“While TVA has aggressively addressed these issues, the violations and proposed civil penalty emphasize the importance of an effective quality assurance program during construction as well as prompt identification and reporting of any related breakdowns,” NRC Region II construction official Fred Brown said in the release.

TVA has 30 days to protest the decision. Since the problems were uncovered, the federal utility has committed to a review of commercial grade dedication documents, staff training and the creation a new staff position to oversee the process of reviewing insufficiently documented parts.

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