DOE Announces 2013 Nuclear Energy Scholarships

Nearly 70 students at 30 colleges and universities will receive the latest awards from the Department of Energy's Integrated University Program.

DOEOn Wednesday, the DOE announced 37 undergraduate scholarships and 31 graduate fellowships with a combined value of $5 million. The undergraduate students will each receive $5,000, and graduate fellows will receive $50,000 annually for the next three years, as well as $5,000 for an applied research internship at a national laboratory. The recipients' research and fields of study span a range of nuclear-power-related specialties, such as fuel cycle technology and reactor design.

The awards will go to schools across the country. Students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville were awarded the highest number of scholarships, with five for undergraduates and two for graduate students.

According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, about 60,000 Americans work in commercial nuclear power, although that workforce is aging rapidly. The NEI estimates 40 percent will be eligible to retire by 2016. Both the private sector and the DOE have long funded educational programs to train new workers.

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