Edison Says It Will Pursue MHI for Damaged SONGS Steam Generators

With billions of dollars wasted and one of the largest power plants in California shut down permanently, Southern California Edison has initiated its legal fight with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over faulty steam generators at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

The utility's President Ron Litzinger didn't mince words in a release Thursday that announced a "formal notice of dispute" with MHI: "Our action is about making sure that Mitsubishi takes responsibility for providing the defective steam generators that led to the closing of SONGS."

Prior to the closure, both reactors at the plant were shut down for more than a year as engineers worked out the source of premature tube wear in steam generators installed in 2009 and 2011. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and SCE studies pointed to vibration among tubes and support structures, which the utility alleges was the fault of Mitsubishi's thermal hydraulic modeling and tube support design.

The steam generators came with a 20-year warrantee from MHI, and SCE has invoiced the Japanese firm for the cost of the investigation and attempted repairs. The notice sent Thursday begins a 90-day dispute resolution process outlined in their contract that precedes binding arbitration. SCE said it also intends to argue that MHI's liability limitations in the contract do not apply.

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  • Anonymous

    Songs should sue MHI and the staff that apporved the changes on site without NRC appovial, need to be in jail.