License Extended at Pickering Nuclear Plant

The six operational reactors at Canada's Pickering nuclear plant will be allowed to operate for another five years, Canadian regulators announced Friday.

The decision by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will extend the plant's life into August of 2018. The extension will limit operation of the Pickering B units to 210,000 effective full power hours, though, until a future decision on Ontario Power Generation's compliance with a number of safety conditions. Among them, OPG will need to revise its probabilistic safety assessment to reflect new rules put in place following the Fukushima Daiichi accidents in Japan. OPG will also create an emergency management public information document by mid-2014 and distribute it to households near the plant.

Pickering is the oldest nuclear power plant in Canada, and its first reactors entered service in 1971, according to OPG. Two of the older reactors and four reactors that came online in 1983 currently generate 3,100 megawatts at the site east of Toronto.

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