Rosatom: Russian Pursuit of UK Nuclear Projects Hinges on Hinkley Point

Russia's Rosatom remains eager to enter the market to replace the UK's rapidly aging fleet of nuclear reactors. In the meantime, though, an executive has said the company will be watching closely as the government and EDF try to reach a power price agreement for reactors proposed at Hinkley Point.

For months, the French company and the British government have been negotiating minimum guaranteed power prices required by EDF before it will invest in the plant. All but one of the UK's 16 power reactors will retire in the next decade, and the country's energy policy envisions extensive investment in new units to replace them and keep up with electricity demand. Those plans were set back, though, when German utilities RWE and EON pulled out of proposals to build units at Wylfa and Oldbury, selling their Horizon joint venture to Hitachi late last year.

On Wednesday, the Moscow Times quoted Rosatom Deputy Chief Executive Kirill Komarov as saying his company would make a decision soon on whether to pursue UK design certification for Russian reactor technology. But, he said, the company is first waiting to see if a power price agreement for Hinkley Point comes through.

Rosatom said last year it intended to license the 1,200 megawatt VVER-TOI design, according to the World Nuclear Association.

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