After Vermont Yankee Decision, Entergy Reaffirms Commitment to Indian Point

Following Tuesday's news that Entergy will decommission its Vermont nuclear plant in 2014, the company has offered further assurances it does not have similar plans for New York's Indian Point.

Indian Point nuclear plant. Source: EntergySpeaking to the Westchester County Business Journal, an Entergy spokesman noted that Indian Point is a much larger two-unit plant in a location facing different market conditions. Low wholesale energy prices driven by abundant shale gas, for example, have less of an effect in Indian Point's service area. The plant provides about a fourth of the electricity used in New York City and Westchester County, N.Y.

While Entergy listed reasons for continued operation at Indian Point and other nuclear plants in its Vermont Yankee announcement Tuesday, Entergy CEO Leo Denault also told Reuters the utility is open to a settlement with the state of New York. It wants the plant shut down and has denied it a water permit.  Nonetheless, Denault described Indian Point as a "different animal" than the Vermont Yankee. The Vermont plant was the smallest of Entergy's 12 reactors, producing 585 megawatts. Its continued operation faced challenges from environmental groups and the Vermont Legislature, although an appeals court recently ruled in Entergy's favor.

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