SCE Publishes 3,200 Pages of Documentation on Faulty SONGS Steam Generators

As its dispute with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heats up, Southern California Edison has released thousands of pages of correspondence, contracts and technical documents related to MHI steam generators at the now-shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant.

They were posted to SCE's SONGS website Wednesday. In a release, SCE President Ron Litzinger said, "The San Onofre Digital Document Library will help the public, elected officials and regulators better understand the history of the replacement steam generators that led to San Onofre's closure."

The plant provided roughly 2,200 megawatts to the California grid before SCE decided to decommission both units in June in the face of mounting outage costs and the potential for a lengthy license amendment process. An MHI root cause analysis made public in March provided an initial evaluation of the way structural components and steam conditions led to vibration and premature tube wear in the steam generators. The newly released documents also include minutes of oversight meetings during the design process where the companies addressed anti-vibration support structures, modeling and the challenges of engineering the largest steam generators MHI had ever delivered.

The release follows SCE's initiation in July of a 90-day dispute-resolution process in its contract with MHI.

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