Premiere Scraps Plans for New Reactors in Ontario

The head of Ontario's provincial government has set aside plans to build two new reactors, saying the current demand for power does not justify the expense.

The Toronto Star and other Canadian outlets reported that the government of Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the policy Thursday. Ontario's Energy Minister said the province's surplus of electricity generation made investment in new reactors unnecessary, although they might be reconsidered in the future. He added that the government remains committed to refurbishing four units at the Darlington plant starting in 2016.

Following an energy plan dating back to 2010, Ontario Power Generation solicited detailed construction plans for two reactors at Darlington from SNC-Lavalin/Candu and Westinghouse last year. The companies provided details for building their EC6 and AP1000 reactors at the site in June, according to the World Nuclear Association.

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