First AP1000 Reactor Control Room Operational in China

Construction has finished on the control room of the first reactor at China's Sanmen nuclear plant, paving the way for some of the final testing at the world's first AP1000 reactor.

Sanmen 1 nuclear plant control room. Source: WestinghouseOn Monday, a release from reactor designer Westinghouse announced that Sanmen Nuclear Power Co. and State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. had declared the control room operational. Crews tested the unit's plant control system, data and display system and operations and control system. Afterward, instrumentation and control systems were used to commission 220 volt and 10 kilovolt electrical systems, service and instrument air and demineralized water systems.

"Integration of key instrumentation and control systems and the operability of the main control room will now facilitate other key testing activities at the world’s first AP1000 nuclear power plant," Westinghouse Senior Vice President David Howell said in a release.

Construction began on Sanmen 1 in April of 2009, and the reactor is expected to enter service at the end of the year, according to the World Nuclear Association. Sanmen 2 is about one year behind it.

The photo above, provided by Westinghouse, shows the Sanmen unit 1 main control room. Below is an image of the AP1000 control room simulator at Georgia's Plant Vogtle.

AP1000 control room simulator at Plant Vogtle. Source: Southern Co.

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  • Anonymous

    They have come a long way since I helped pour the basemat and lay down the first rebar inside the hole on Unit 1. Glad to see it all come together regardless of all the trials and tribulations. Dave Wirfs

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! Sanmen, State Nuclear Power Technology and Westinghouse have achieved a great milestone. Hope the ensuing test programs move forward well.

    Seung Choi

    Choice Nuclear Energy Group