Votes in House Back Yucca Mountain Waste Repository

Long abandoned by the White House, the Yucca Mountain spent fuel repository project in Nevada still shows signs of support in Congress.

U.S. Capitol dome. Source: Diliff via Wikimedia The Republican-controlled House broadly defeated two measures to kill the project Thursday, The Hill newspaper reported. Both amendments to an appropriations bill were introduced by Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev. One would give the Department of Energy authority to remove the repository as a future option for waste storage. It was defeated 96-326. The other, defeated 75-344, would entirely cut next year's funding for spent fuel disposal, which Titus said would end up going toward the repository project.

The Yucca Mountain solution remains popular among legislators in other states currently home to commercial and military nuclear waste. It also retains broad support among congressional Republicans. At the same time, though, the DOE under President Barack Obama has effectively mothballed the project for the last several years in favor of an interim storage approach recommended by the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future. DOE actions recently earned a rebuke from a court requiring that some money set aside for the repository be spent. But ultimately, any final decision to move forward would require further steps from Congress that have not materialized. 

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    30 years and we are  no better off. but have spent a lot for one big toilet bowel. GOVERNMENT in action at its finest