Georgia Approves 2013 Costs for Vogtle Nuclear Construction

The Georgia Public Service Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved $389 million in spending for new reactors at Plant Vogtle in 2013.

Additionally, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported, the PSC accepted Southern Co.'s current schedule for the project, which plans for the first of the two new AP1000 reactors to come online in late 2017. Southern subsidiary Georgia Power owns 45.7 percent of the project. Its spending on the units through last year totaled $2.6 billion, with its total share of the new reactors expected to come in at $6.1 billion.

The commission also voted in favor of Southern on two additional measures. It declined proposals by an environmental group to reduce Georgia Power's returns on the project and to require installation of cooling infrastructure that uses less water.

Vogtle unit 3. Source: Southern Co.

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