Romania, China to Sign Civilian Nuclear Agreement

China and Romania further deepened their ties in the nuclear power sector this week.

Romania Insider reported Monday that officials from both countries soon planned to sign an intergovernmental agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The pact comes as Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta visited China this week and encouraged further investment in his country, including in the nuclear power sector.

The agreement is a continuation of earlier negotiations for Chinese involvement in the construction of additional reactors at Romania's Cernavoda plant. Both operating units at the site are Canadian Candu 6 heavy water reactors, and the Romanian government has been seeking partners to complete two more partially built units. In the last year, China General Nuclear Power Group has signed agreements with Romania's Nuclearlectrica to provide non-nuclear equipment and potentially take a majority ownership stake in the project, according to the World Nuclear Association. In July, a CGN subsidiary signed a cooperation agreement with Candu for the Chinese company to build two additional Candu 6 reactors at the plant.

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