Toshiba Demonstrates Remote-Controlled Crane Designed For Fukushima Daichii NPP

Toshiba Corporation on Monday posted a video of its new remote-controlled crane that is designed to facilitate decommissioning at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station.

Toshiba remote controlled craneThe crane will be deployed at the No. 3 reactor at the plant, one of three reactors that sustained heavy damage after back up power failed following the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami event.

Toshiba demonstrated the crane at the Keihin nuclear plant in Yokohama to show its ability lifting fuel assemblies out of a storage pool.

The two arms of the robotic crane can also remove rubble that might block its path to picking up fuel assemblies and has the versatility to be able to cut some rubble into smaller pieces.

Tokyo Electric Power Company officials said the crane would be installed inside the reactor this spring. It is slated to begin removing fuel assemblies from the reactor building in a process expected to start in 2017 and take two years to complete. The Unit 3 rector building storage pool has 566 fuel assemblies that need to be removed.

The crane has two arms and is outfitted with 22 cameras, which will allow operators to watch what the crane is doing in the highly radioactive areas inside the reactor building.

Here's the clip of the remote-controlled crane in action: