Canadian Environment Minister Delays Ruling On Lake Huron Repository

Canada's Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has told Ontario Power Generation that their plan to build a nuclear waste repository underground on the shores of Lake Huron will require further study.

Bruce Power NPPThe company has proposed a deep repository that would handle low- and medium-level radioactive waste. The proposal envisions a repository 680 meters (about half a mile) underground in a rock strata below the lake.

The project was given a stamp of approval by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in May of 2015. It faces ongoing opposition, however, from local municipalities and Michigan senate, which voted to oppose the repository that would be in proximity of a source of drinking water for millions of people.

According to an AP report, the Environment Minister has asked for reports that update environmental impact assessments and one that addresses the cost and technical aspects of using another site for long-term waste storage. The location of the site proposed by OPG is in Kincardine, Ontario, a few miles south of OPG's Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear plant in North America.

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