ASLB Schedules March 15 Hearing On Plant Vogtle License Amendments

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Thursday that the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) had scheduled a March 15 hearing to hear oral arguments concerning a petition related to a license amendment for the Vogtle Units 3 and 4 reactors that are currently under construction near Waynesboro, Ga.

Vogtle constructionThe ASLB is an independent body that conducts adjudicatory hearings and decides legal challenges to the agency's licensing and enforcement actions. The oral arguments go-ahead has been granted to representatives of the petitioner, which is Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and its chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff.

The petitioners submitted a complaint in December that opposes a license amendment granted by the NBRC that changes the concrete wall tolerances for the two new reactors under the claim that the changes do not meet industry standards, does not meet worker radiation protection standards and represents a disproportionate risk to the residents of Shell Bluff, which is within seven miles of the construction site.

The hearing will be held in Atlanta at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Federal Justice Center in the Plaza Building at 600 James Brown Boulevard.

Georgia Power said last week that it had filed its 14th Vogtle Construction Monioring Report with the Georgia Public Service Commission – a report focused on progress at the site through the end of 2015 including $160 million spent in the second half of 2015. The Georgia PSC has unanimously approved all costs through the VCM to date, the company noted.

Recent construction highlights included the installation of the first shield panels for Unit 3, placement of 2,400 cublic yards of concrete for the “turbine tabletop” for Unit 3 and placement of the 950-ton containment vessel lower ring for Unit 4.

Major components delivered now include two steam generators from South Korea and the Unit 4 Core Makeup tank from Italy.

Georgia Power also noted that positive inspection results from the NRC demonstrated that the units “are being completed safely and in compliance with regulations, as well as approval of various License Amendment Requests needed to support construction.”

In a statement released in December, BREDL said it had identified “three major problems with Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant related to construction and radiation exposure levels.”

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  • Anonymous

    Obviously  BREDL has never worked in or been around the Nuclear Industry..


    Senior Nuke Worker

  • Anonymous

    So if BREDL and CCSB lose, will they hve to pay the court costs and delay costs of the Vogtle plant?