CGN, CNNC To Streamline Export Efforts With Joint Venture

China's two largest nuclear power companies, China General Nuclear Power Corp. (CGN) and China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) announced the official launch of a joint venture designed to combine forces in order to construct third generation Hualong One nuclear reactors at home and to export the same design to foreign markets.

Hualong OneThe companies said that Zou Yongping from CGN would be the chairman of Hualong International Nuclear Power Technology Company, while Xu Pengfei from CNNC would serve as the general manager.

The Hualong One design borrows from both French and U.S. designs, advancing technology developed by AREVA and Westinghouse Electric Company. The World Nuclear Association says two companies, CNNC and CGN, will standardize their designs, but have separate features that could identify one from the other.

Aside from their domestic projects, CGN has been pursuing a Hualong One project for Britain that is part of a deal in which CGN has taken a 33.5 percent stake in the two-unit Hinkley Point C project that remains in limbo, while project leader EDF seeks further funding from the French government.

CNNC is also seeking deals for Hualong one projects in Pakistan and Argentina, while CGN has also been pursuing Huanlong One projects for Thailand and Kenya.

The joint venture was mandated by China's National Energy Administration with the aim of defusing competition between the two domestic companies. Last August, the companies signed an agreement to share their technology, paving the way for the two companies to streamline their export efforts.

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