SCE Responds: Will Fully Participate In Re-Opened San Onofre Debate

Southern California Edison (SCE) said Tuesday that the 2014 decision on San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station decommissioning costs was fair and legal, but that it would fully participate in the re-opened public process that revisits that decision.

San Onofre NPPOn Monday, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) had, essentially, re-opened Pandora's Box, saying they were seeking public comment concerning what portion of costs ratepayers and the utilities that own the plant, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, should each pay for decommissioning the plant that has been shut down since January 2012.

That decision had already been rendered in 2014 by CPUC, which established that the utilities would pay $1.4 billion, while ratepayers would pay $3.3 billion. It was later discovered that the then president of the CPUC had met in secret with a Southern California Edison executive to discuss the issue. With that wrinkle, CPUC has now decided to revisit the decision, which consumer groups are calling a victory for ratepayers.

SCE paid a fine of $16.7 million for their failure to report ex parte communications that occurred between a company executive and a former CPUC Commissioner. On Tuesday, responding to the renewed call for public comment, SCE said it “strongly believe(s) that the settlement, reached among owners SCE and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. and consumer, environmental and labor advocates, remains fair, lawful and in the public interest.”

But the company also said Tuesday that it would “fully participate in the commission's process.”

Based on the commission's timeline, SCE will file requested documents by June 2, various parties will file briefs on the settlement by July 7 and parties will reply and file recommendations by July 21,” the utility said.

The utility “looks forward to the opportunity presented by the commission's ruling to present the facts that support the fairness of the settlement, which the commission unanimously approved after an extensive public proceeding,” SCE said.

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