Holtec Storage Pad For Laguna Verde NPP Nears Completion

Holtec International said Friday that its turnkey spent fuel storage facility built for Mexico's national utility, Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant (LVNPP) is nearing completion and should be ready for initial deployment this month.

Holtec Storage Pad at LVNPPThe company said all design and engineering, fabrication of major equipment and construction of the storage pad, plus the installment of Holtec's patented subterranean Canister Transfer Facility had all been completed and the first dry run for the facility has been completed, as well.

The work has been done “in just sixteen (16) months,” Holtec said, indicating the project is ahead of schedule. The project is in the final stages of implementing the security systems to protect the facility, known as the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI).

“This completed ISFSI Pad represents the completion of the construction phase of the largest current project at Laguna Verde,” said CFE Project Manager Federico Gonzalez. “We are very pleased with Holtec International's experience and work on this project, which is necessary for the continued operation of the LVNPP.

The system is expected to hold 130 dry casks of spent fuel with the first deployment at the next reloading cycle able to reduce the spent fuel in the cooling pool on site by 18 percent.

LVNPP consists of two 800 MWe boiling water reactors with the second unit licensed through 2034. According to the World Nuclear Association, the plant's capacity represents about 4 percent of Mexico's electricity generation.

The storage system installed at LVNPP is Holtec's HI-STORM FW system, which uses multi-purpose canisters (MPC) that contain the spent fuel and a concrete and steel ventilated storage, as well as a HI-TRAC VW transfer cask used during loading, unloading and transport of the MPCs. The VW stands for Variable Weight.

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