Vogtle Video Shows Massive CA20 Modular Transport

Moving two million pounds is a bit like moving the mountain to Mohammed. Lifting that much is a bit further beyond the scope of the imagination.

Plant Vogtle CA20 LiftBut Georgia Power on Monday announced such a feat had been accomplished at the Plant Vogtle project site near Waynesboro, Ga., where teams are constructing Units 3 and 4 at the existing, two-unit nuclear power plant.

Project teams successfully placed the CA20 module into the Unit 4 nuclear island – a five story modular building that weighs nearly 1,000 tons or two million pounds. With the site's 560-feet-high lift derrick at work, it is the heaviest lift at the project site so far this year, Georgia Power said.

The building has a footprint of approximately 67 feet of length and 47 feet of width. The critical module will house various plant components, including the used fuel storage area. The crane alone is one of the largest in the world, according to the company.

Including submodules, produce at the Lake Charles and Vigor facilities, the CA20 module was assembled from prefabricated wall and floor sections within the Modular Assembly Building (MAB) at the Vogtle site. The assembled CA20 structure was carefully moved from the MAB earlier this week with the transport and lift of the heavy unit taking just over three ours to complete on Saturday. This included all pre-placement activities, Georgia Power said.

A time lapsed video clip is available here.

Progress continues on various construction projects. Unit 3 now has 28 of its shield building panels in place. Two additional roof truss modules have been completed for the turbine building for Unit 3.

Here's the recently released video clip: