Drone Photographs Project Vogtle Progress

Drones. What are they good for? 

Vogtle aerialIndisputably, drones are terrific at aerial reconnaissance. But for domestic purposes, they are also terrific at simply taking photographs from above of a local neighborhood -- maybe a football game or a concert event.

Or maybe, as Georgia Power has discovered, a nuclear power plant expansion project.

In this recently released video clip, Georgia Power shows in less than a minute, recent progress made at the massive Plant Vogtle expansion project near Waynesboro, Ga., that keeps 6,000 employees busy.

The latest progress includes continued addition of shield building panels for Unit 3, two additional roof truss modules completed for the Unit 3 turbine building, as well as significant concrete placement on the west side of the Unit 3 nuclear island. In addition, as shown in a previous video clip (see Tuesday's posting), placement of the two million pound CA20 module into the Unit 4 nuclear island occurred on Saturday, notching another significant milestone at the construction site.

Georgia Power has also released a 4K, ultra-high definition video, filmed from a drone, that illustrates the latest achievements at Plant Vogtle. We could not resist the opportunity to share this with you.   

Here's the clip: