Kuwait Backing Away From Nuclear Power Option

Citing high costs, the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water is reportedly backing away from the option of pursuing a nuclear power plant, according to Al Bawaba Business.

nuclear power mapThe media outlet references the Kuwait Times as the first to file the report.

Reportedly, the ministry that was planning to file for a license to pursue a domestic nuclear power facility is now leaning towards wind and solar power options. Additionally, “several new power stations” are planned for the coming decade or more, although the specifics were not listed.

The World Nuclear Association in figures updated in July 2016, lists 45 countries as interested in pursuing nuclear power, noting nuclear power "is planned in over 20 countries which do not have it, and under some level of consideration in 20 more." For a few of those countries, interest was not necessarily a consideration at the government level.

In the Middle East and North Africa, consideration was recorded in Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Sudan, as well as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, two countries where plans for nuclear power were well advanced. Saudi Arabia has plans to construct 16 nuclear power plants, while the UAE has its a four-unit plant under construction at Barakah that is estimated at 65 percent complete. The first unit is more than 85 percent complete, as of this summer.

In Europe, the WNA lists Italy, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland and Turkey as considering nuclear power. In west and central Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia. In central and southern Asia: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. In southeast Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore. In east Asia: North Korea.

Interest levels vary from country to country.

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