NRC Clears LaSalle County Station NPP On Environmental Review

[UPDATED] U.S. regulators on Friday said there were no environmental issues that stood between the two operating reactors at the LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois and a 20-year extension on the plant's operating license.

LaSalle County Station NPPThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the supplemental environmental impact statement said that staff had found no environmental impediment to a renewed license.

Operated by the Exelon Generation Company, the LaSalle County Station is located 11 miles southeast of Ottawa, Illinois. It includes two boiling water reactors that went operational in April 1982 and December 1983, respectively. Consequently, their current licenses expire in April 2022 and December 2023, respectively.

Exelon submitted its application for license renewal in December 2014. The regulatory review consists of a technical safety review and an environmental review, just completed. The final supplemental impact statement is supplement 57 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants.

The final Safety Evaluation Review was approved in June of this year.

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