Clip Marks Third Quarter Progress At Plant Vogtle

Georgia Power on Friday released its latest Vogle Time Line video report marking third quarter progress on the expansion project for the third quarter of 2016.

Plant Vogtle expansionAugust through September progress at the site includes assembly of critical squib valves for both of the new units, the placement of the 2 million-pound Unit 4 CA20 module – a five story unit that will house spent fuel storage, among other functions – and the setting of roof trusses for the Unit 3 turbine building, which puts that structure near its final height of 254 feet.

Truss placement also allowed for setting in place a 15-ton gantry crane and a 225-ton gantry crane, which will be deployed fairly soon with assembly of the unit's turbines and generators.

During the quarter, Georgia Power's crews chalked a safety record at the plant by surpassing the 25 million man-hour mark without any time-loss level injuries on site. The last accident on site that resulted in a time-loss injury occurred in December 2014, the company said.

Enjoy the clip of construction progress at Plant Vogtle: