U.S. Nuclear Corp To Build Air Monitors For KHNP

US Nuclear Corp. said Monday it had been awarded $638,675 net total in a contract to build semi-portable particulate, iodine, and noble gas continuous air monitors for nuclear power plants in S. Korea.

US Nuclear Corp FM-9ABNIThe contract was awarded by KHNP, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, which operates the nuclear power plants in S. Korea. The instruments are designed to monitor airborne radioactivity in the nuclear facilities and provide alarms to personnel when the concentration has exceeded a defined threshold, indicating whether they should evacuate the area. 

Robert I. Goldstein, President, CEO and Chairman stated, "We are incredibly honored and excited to have received this contract. The contract was awarded through a public tender, meaning we were competing against many other prominent manufacturers from around the world. The fact that our instrumentation was selected is testament to our craftsmanship, quality, and ability to competitively price our products in the market. KHNP releases several public tenders each year, and we will be in a prominent position to capture more business following our successful transaction here."

The first batch of instruments is set to be delivered near the end of this year, the company said.

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