A Banner Year For CGN: Five Reactors Go Commercial

China General Nuclear Power Corporation took stock of its accomplishments in 2016 and noted its achievements included adding five completed nuclear reactors added to its fleet in the year.

Hualong OneThe company said Monday its 2016 commercial starts included Units 1 and 2 at Fangchenggang nuclear generating station (in January and October), Unit 3 at the Yangjiang station, Unit 4 at Ningde station and Unit 4 at Hongyanhe station. By the end of the year, CGN had 19 nuclear reactors operating with a total capacity of 20.38 million kilowatts, the company said. Output for the year totaled 115.58 billion kilowatt hours, an increase of 30.8 percent over 2015.

The company's export achievements included submitting for regulatory approval in Britain design specifications for the Hualong One reactor, which is the focus of the country's nuclear power export ambitions.

Approval for the reactor is expected to take five years. The first exported Hualong One reactor for Britain is penciled in for Bradwell in Essex.

The company's export ambitions in Europe are tied together with EDF. CGN has agreed to take a 33.5 percent stake in the two-reactor Hinkley Point C build and a minority position in the upcoming Sizewell C project. Their participation secured an agreement for the company to build its own plant in Britain. That would be the Bradwell plant.

The first HR-1000 or Hualong One reactor to go on line is scheduled for completion in 2020 at the Fuqing nuclear station in the Fujian province on China's southeast coast. That project is owned by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). The Hualong One design is an amalgamation of CNG and CNNC plans. The merging of the designs was done to streamline the country's reactor export industry

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