AREVA Completes Large Dismantling Project At Cadarache (With Video)

French nuclear power services, construction and engineering firm AREVA said Wednesday that it had completed clean up and dismantling operations on the facilities belonging to the former MOX fuel fabrication plant in Cadarache, the nuclear research center about 40 miles northeast of Marseilles.

CadaracheAREVA said around 60 emptied process areas have "thus been able to handed back to the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), which is the operator of the facility."

According to AREVA, the project involved one of the largest dismantling project ever done. The operations, which began in 2009, concerned two basic nuclear installations, the “Plutonium Technology Workshops” and the “Chemical Purification Laboratory.”

As many as 300 workers tackled the project that involved AREVA and partner companies. “In total, more than 460 'glove boxes' (sealed enclosures for the handling of radioactive materials), 30 tanks and 4 km of pipework were disassembled, cut, then packaged and evacuated safely,” AREVA said.

The Cadarache research facility is to be the home of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, (ITER), which is under construction and is slated to be the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor. It is expected to be operating in the 2020s.

A clip -- with no narrator -- shows some of the dismantling work in action. 

Take a look: