UN Committee Asks UK To Suspend Hinkley Construction

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) said they had asked the British government to suspend work on the two-reactor Hinkley Point C nuclear generating station in order to allow other countries to weigh in on the project.

Hinkley Point C sketchThe UNECE has said that work should be put on hold until other countries have been consulted, specifically naming Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. The committee has said that a treaty on transboundary environmental impacts included justifications for the request.

The British government has not responded, according to the Guardian. However, an EDF spokesperson has defended the project's international legitimacy, stating, “We have carried out all the environment impact assessments required for Hinkley Point C, including assessing any likely significant transboundary impacts.”

Not only has Britain's Planning Inspectorate reviewed – and cleared – the project with a eye towards international impact, “the UK Supreme Court has already rejected a challenge from An Taisce which claimed that the government should have consulted other member states before making its decision on the development,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy said was thoroughly scrutinized.

The Environment Agency and Office for Nuclear Regulation have independently assessed the station design of Hinkley Point C for safety, security and environmental impact before granting approval. The project will continue to be subject to robust regulation from these bodies and it will have no significant adverse effect on the environment of any other country,” that spokesperson said.

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