Perry NPP Outage Shortest In 30 Years

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company on Tuesday said its Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Perry, Ohio was returned to service at 11:42 a.m. today, following a March 5, 2017, shutdown for refueling and maintenance. 

Perry NPPIn putting the plant back into operations, technicians accomplished a new record for an outage. FirstEnergy announced that the 29-day outage was the shortest refueling outage in Perry's 30 years of operation, with the previous record being 34 days in 2001.

The 1,268-megawatt plant is currently operating at approximately 20 percent power.  Power levels will vary over the next several days as the plant ramps up to full power, the company noted.   

While the unit was shut down, 280 of the 748 fuel assemblies were exchanged.  In addition, numerous inspections and preventive maintenance and improvement projects were completed, including examinations of the unit's reactor vessel, turbine, electrical generator and cooling tower and installation of a new transformer that provides power from the off-site transmission network. 

"The efficiency of outage activities reflects the dedication of Perry employees to completing the work safely and cost-efficiently," said FENOC Chief Operating Officer Paul Harden.  "The plant is now well-positioned to generate safe, reliable, secure and clean electricity until the next refueling outage in 24 months."

Prior to the outage, Perry operated safely and reliably, generating more than 19.7 million megawatt hours of electricity since the completion of its last refueling in April 2015. 

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