Hongyanhe Unit 5 Containment Dome Placement Complete

Construction teams reached a major milestone at the Hongyanhe Unit 6 project in China on Wednesday with the placement of the 180-metric ton containment building dome.

Hongyanhe domePlacement of the 37 meters in diameter by 11 meters tall dome signifies the end of the civil construction phase of the project, which now enters the installation phase, according to China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Company's announcement.

The project represents the first half of the facility's second construction initiative, called Phase II. It consists of two 1080 MWe ACPR-1000 reactors at the Liaoning Province site in northeast China, according to the World Nuclear Association.

The first phase of the project – Units 1 through 4 – was begun in August 2009 and completed in 2016. Unit 4, the final 1087 MWe CPR-1000 pressurized water reactor for the facility, entered commercial status in September 2016.

The first concrete pouring for Unit 5 began in March 2015 after a 15-month work stoppage prompted by delayed approvals for plants in China as a reaction to the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear generating station accident.

Approval to continue with construction of Phase II at Hongyanhe were among the first to be granted after new policies for construction and plant management were put into place.

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