Exelon Forms International Operations Venture With JAPC

Exelon Generation said Thursday it had formed a joint venture with the Japan Atomic Power Company meant to marry the company's expertise in nuclear power plant operations with opportunities among international operators using Japanese reactor technologies.

Exelon The joint venture will be called JExel Nuclear. The aim, Exelon announced, would be to license and deploy the company's Nuclear Management Model (ENMM) in “major nuclear power projects around the world.” The company also announced its first client: Horizon Nuclear Power, the Hitachi-owned company that is currently developing two advanced reactors slated for the Wylfa Newydd site in Wales in the United Kingdom.

Exelon President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Crane called the venture “a significant business development opportunity to license our nuclear operations expertise internationally alongside JAPC, which has been in operation for more than half a century.”

JAPC President Mamoru Muramatsu noted the Japanese company has operational experience in Japan that includes designs that originated in Britain, the United States and Japan.

JExel Nuclear is expected to provide advisory, operating and maintenance management services to plant developers around the world. It is currency jointly owned, Exelon and JAPC each holding 50 percent of the company. The first four JExel directors will be JAPC Managing Director Takahiko Hida, JAPC General Manager Toshihiro Komeno, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Exelon Generation Mike Pacilio and Vice President of Exelon Generation and COO of Exelon Nuclear Partners Ralph Hunter.

Takahiko Hida will serve as JExel's CEO, the companies announced.

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