FirstEnergy Takes Over Unit 2 At Beaver Valley NPP

FirstEnergy Corp. is now technically the sole owner of both reactors at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station in Shippingport, Pennsylvania.

Beaver Valley NPPPreviously, FirstEnergy owned 100 percent of Unit 1 and, since 1987, roughly 60 percent of Unit 2, which was also owned by two FirstEnergy subsidiaries, Ohio Edison, which leased 21.66 percent of Unit 2, while Toledo Edison leased 18.26 percent.

Both leases were about to expire, giving FirstEnergy an opportunity to take full ownership of Unit 2.

Nuclear Regulator Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan said the ownership transfer was given a thorough review despite the point that the transfer was mostly a matter of technicalities and paperwork. “Among other things, we will evaluate whether the new owner has the capabilities and financial wherewithal to safely operate and decommission the plant, when the time comes,” Sheehan said.

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