FORATOM Seeks Stronger Support For Nuclear In EU Proposals

FORATOM, the nuclear power trade association associated with the European Union this week published a position paper that stressed the importance of nuclear power in Europe's future energy mix, while calling out what it sees are flaws in the proposed “Clean Energy for All Europeans” legislative package that includes a plethora of policy initiatives on energy.

FORATOMFORATOM recalls that the goal of the EU to decarbonize the economy by more than 80 percent by 2050 cannot be achieved without nuclear power,” the group said, advocating “an effective power market leading to competitive and affordable electricity prices for the end consumer and the promotion of investments in low carbon technologies.”

In the current proposals, FORATOM said there are "a number of elements (that) ... risk endangering the achievement of a competitive, integrated, secure and decarbonised power market." Moreover, the proposals "do not foresee gradual removal of market distortions, but rather reinforce them." 

Calling attention to flaws, the group had its own ideas.“On governance, FORATOM proposes that Member States should be asked to quantify carbon intensity and to explicitly account for the current and future contribution of nuclear power to the achievement of EU energy and climate goals,” the group said. “On market design, FORATOM calls for an EU framework enabling long-term, capital intensive low-carbon investments to be incentivised via market price signals.”

The paper also calls for “an efficient approach to calculation primary energy consumption that does not jeopardize emissions reduction efforts,” as an approach to energy efficiency. It calls for technology leadership and requests the European Commission revisit its pricing strategy “to revise its figures for nuclear energy in line with comments FORATOM submitted in 2015.”

Currently, nuclear power supports 800,000 jobs in the European Union and accounts for about half of the low-carbon emissions electricity generated in the region, FORATOM noted. The group called the nuclear industry “an indispensable contributor to the achievement of the EU's energy and climate goals.”

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