KSB To Supply Hinkley Point C Pumps And Valves

KSB Group, makers of pumps and valves, has signed on as a supplier to the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant project in Somerset, England, with orders valued at about $32.75 million.

KSBThe two-reactor project, scheduled for completion in 2025, is expected to cost $23.25 billion. For the project, KSB will provide four RVM 80-265 series vertical, multistage barrel pull-out pumps, the company said. These pumps, designed for the primary cooling systems in each reactor, will be supplied by 2020.

KSB subsidiary LISTO Armaturen SA will provide 6000 SISTO-20NA and SISTO-KRVNA diaphragm valves and vent valves for 2019 delivery. KSB SAS France and SKB AG from Germany will provide low-pressure and lift-check valves for delivery by the end of 2021.

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