AREVA NP Signs Three Nuclear Fuel Supply Contracts

French nuclear power giant AREVA NP said Monday it had sighed three nuclear fuel contracts totaling $560 million.

Areva NPThe company said it had reached an agreement to supply ATRIUM 11 advanced boiling water rector fuel and GAIA and HTP pressurized water reactor fuel to four separate facilities. The start of these contracts is in 2020.

AREVA's ATRIUM 11 fuel features and 11 X 11 fuel rod array, which is beneficial to plants that implemented power uprates or have optimized capacity operating strategies, the company said. The fuel is already in use at five reactors around the globe.

The company's GAIA PWR fuel is designed to provide both improved thermal performance and improve mechanical characteristics. The company uses M5 cladding material for this fuel, which is in use at two reactors worldwide.

A separate nuclear power plant is contracted for AREVA NP's HTP platform for PWR fuel, which is loaded, currently, in 50 reactors worldwide, about half of those in the United States.

Fuel assemblies for those facilities will be manufactured at the Horn Rapids Road fuel fabrication plant in Richland, Wash.

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