Georgia Power To Takeover Vogtle Project in July

Georgia Power said Thursday it was prepared to assume management of the Vogtle nuclear expansion project, taking the reins from Westinghouse Electric Company in late July under the service agreement finalized earlier this month.

Vogtle NPP Westinghouse filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 29, partly due to cost overruns associated with the Vogtle expansion project. While questions on the viability of the project arose, Georgia Power parent Southern Company aggressively confronted Westinghouse parent Toshiba to secure a $3.68 billion commitment from the Japanese conglomerate to ensure completion of the two new AP1000 Westinghouse reactors.

The recently announced agreement between Georgia Power and Toshiba … remains in place,” the company said, noting they expected the first tranche of $300 million in October 2017.

The company also released is quarterly progress video showing the latest construction milestones at the plant. These include delivery of the first set of panels – out of a total 224 for the two units – for the passive containment cooling water tanks that will sit atop the reactor containment vessels in each AP1000 unit.

Georgia Power also touted an administrative milestone: The licensing of 19 more operators for the plant, when it is finally commissioned.

Enjoy the clip: