Posiva Chooses Aranz Geo Software For Repository Modeling

Finland's nuclear fuel waste disposal company Posiva has chosen to use software from New Zealand firm Aranz Geo to model the geological aspects of the deep repository that is expected to hold radioactive waste for tens and even hundreds of thousands of years.

PosivaThe facility that will be built on the island of Olkiluoto is expected to included as much as 25 miles of tunnels for spent fuel storage between 1,300 and 1,500 feet underground.

The Leapfrog 3D software produced by Aranz Geo anticipates a construction and storage period in the crystalline rock structure of up to 100 years. The repository will expected to remain secure and safe for up to 1 million years.

Designers also expect to use 16-feet long copper canisters that will hold about two (2) metric tons of spent fuel from the country's nuclear power plants. About 3,000 canisters are expected to be deployed before the repository is sealed, according to Energy Business Review.

This world first project for deep geological nuclear disposal over almost unfathomable timescales requires total confidence in the geological understanding – which is critical for both effective management and regulation of radioactive waste,” said Aranz Geo Chief Executive Officer Shaun Maloney. “We’re actively involved in understanding and managing some of the biggest environmental challenges facing humanity and the planet.”

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