Westinghouse And Partners Recipients Of $7.5M In DOE Funds

Westinghouse Electric Company said Thursday that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) had selected the company and university research partners to receive a total of $7.5 million to advance nuclear innovation in several areas.

Westinghouse logoWestinghouse is currently investigating the neutron radiation effects on zirconium alloys produced via the additive manufacturing process, known as 3-D printing, applicable to light water reactors.

That project is due to receive $830,000 in funding from the DOE for work that will be conducted at the Westinghouse Materials Center of Excellence Hot Cell Facility, located in Churchill, Pa.

Researchers will conduct post-irradiation examination of zirconium material that was irradiated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology research reactor.

The remainder of the funding will be allocated to six U.S. university-led teams with Westinghouse participation, the company said. The research will focus on radiation effects on fiber optic sensors, silicon carbide composite degradation in a helium environment, two critical heat flux projects, and a behavior model for spent fuel cladding storage and transportation.

The latter project, to be led by the University of Pennsylvania, will receive $3 million in funding.

The funding is part of DOE's more than $66 million earmarked for nuclear energy related and infrastructure research, which will be conducted in 28 states through the Nuclear Energy University Program, Nuclear Science User Facilities and Nuclear Energy Enabling Technology program.

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