BWXT Canada To Fabricate Steam Drums For Unit 6 At Bruce Power

BWX Technologies, Inc., said Monday that that its subsidiary BWXT Canada Ltd. (BWXT) has been awarded a $48CA million amendment to its existing steam generator purchase agreement from Bruce Power. The amendment reflects the addition of steam drums to Bruce Power’s steam generator agreement with BWXT Canada previously announced July 2016.

Bruce Power NPPThe steam drums and associated steam separation internals will be designed and fabricated in BWXT’s Cambridge, Ontario facility as part of eight steam generators that will be supplied to Bruce Power’s Bruce B Unit 6 reactor. The supply of steam generators is part of Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program that will extend the life of six of its reactors, the company announced.

The addition of steam drums integrally manufactured with the steam generators will add to the efficiency of our Steam Generator Replacements that are part of our life extension outage in Unit 6 in 2020 and will be crucial in helping us to safely and reliably operate the site through to 2064,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s president and chief executive officer. 

Executives from Bruce Power and BWXT, along with the Member of Provincial Parliament for Cambridge, Ontario and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Kathryn McGarry, plan to tour the Bruce Power site on Tuesday, August 15.

Bruce Power supplies 30 percent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 percent less than the average cost to generate residential power. Extending the operational life of the Bruce Power units to 2064 will create and sustain 22,000 direct and indirect jobs every year, create $4 billion in annual Ontario economic benefit, and will ensure low-cost, clean and reliable energy for Ontario families and businesses.

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