X Energy, Ventrus Energy, Sign MOU On Fuel Production

X Energy and Centrus Energy Corp. said Thursday they had signed a memorandum of understanding to explore collaboration toward production of fuel for advanced nuclear reactors.

U-MOX-energy develops, advanced reactor fuels. Centrus specializes in nuclear fuel technology company. The two said they would work together to advance development of a fuel fabrication facility. Based on the uranium oxycarbide (UCO) tristructural isotropic (TRISO) fuel form, this facility would provide fuel to X-energy reactors and advanced nuclear reactor companies around the world.

Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, X-energy chief executive officer stated, “X-energy is focused on both our high temperature gas-cooled reactor development and the fuel needed to power our reactors. The Department of Energy has spent close to $400M in developing and qualifying the UCO TRISO particle in preparation for advanced reactor commercialization. X-energy, in partnership with Centrus and taking advantage of its domestic enrichment experience and engineering know-how, is anxious to evaluate how we can together move UCO TRISO into final fuel form production, benefitting many in the industry.”

X-energy’s innovative reactor design is a potential game-changer for America’s nuclear industry,” said Daniel Poneman, Centrus Energy president and chief executive officer. “Our technical and engineering teams are eager to help X-energy develop TRISO fuel for their reactor. We agree that American leadership in the global nuclear market requires that we develop an end-to-end domestic capability, from high-assay low-enriched uranium enrichment through fuel production, for next-generation reactors.”

Under the MOU, the companies will jointly prepare a deployment plan for X-energy’s TRISO fuel technology; design a cost-effective, highly automated fuel manufacturing process line; and seek funding for a future commercial fuel production facility.

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